Antique/Vintage Arctic Cats

Whatever our ages may be, most of us here at Thomas Sno Sports have been around the Arctic Cat brand since childhood. We have a natural fascination with the history, legend and passion that is Arctic Cat. For some of us our earliest memories of snowmobiling were on a red and white Arctic Cat, others earliest memories are from the family Kitty Cat, for others yet it is from the black/green ZR era. We actively ride the very newest products that Arctic Cat offers each year, building new family traditions and memories: all the while remembering the snowmobiles that made ourselves and Arctic Cat whom we are today.

If you have an older Arctic Cat of your own that you want to keep running or preserve, we are here to help. We are generally willing to work on any Arctic Cat from 1962 thru today, but, we remind folks that it is often labor-intensive and not always cheap for us to do so. We do still have some new and used parts available for the older models, or we might have a source to find an old part that we do not have. Certain times of the year are better than others for us to tackle certain projects, please call us to discuss.

Special interest Arctic Cats

We have posted some of the Arctic Cats from our family collection. These are not for sale, nor are they always able to be viewed at our store (please call ahead if you're stopping to browse). We're crazy about old Cats and hope you enjoy looking.